Die Kinder von EUROPIA

Schule, Arbeit, Leben in 100 Jahren

Our co-operative book "Children of Europia"

Part of the project is also to write a book together! 

Students from the participating countries of Bulgaria, Germany, England, France and Sweden each write 1 chapter and then pass this on until the book is finished. 

The last chapter will be written in international teams during our visit in France 

Currently there are already 9 chapters. You can read them here - have fun!

Children of Europia

Chapter 1 (Germany)


In year 2115 all the people live together in the new Europia. There are no longer any boundaries separating the countries. The free lifestyle brings many disadvantages, as there are no different countries with special traditions or any specific cultural phenomenons celebrated.

The different countries that existed in the past no longer have names that can be used for locating oneself. The people in Europia live under a strong government system that possesses a great deal of control. No one has their own identity or personality.

A warm summer day five friends met; Claudette, Heide, Thomas, Max and Moritz at their secret meeting place out in the woods to go camping together. Heidi and Thomas started to look for a good place to put up the tents right after the arrival.

Hello, how are you doing? asked Max, Claudette and Moritz the both of them.

All well, thank you, Heidi replied as she gathered together a couple of sticks for the campfire.

How great you’re there. We’ve already started making the fire. It’d be great if you could put up the tents, ordered Thomas.

Claudette, Max and Moritz put up the tent that they placed at a flat surfaced area. While they were doing that, fastening all the hooks and so on they talked about their plans.

We could organize a schnitzel-hunt. That’d be a fun idea! suggested Max sounding excited.

Or let’s go for a night walk, it’d be less complicated, said Moritz.

When Heidi and Thomas had provided the fire with enough wood and Max, Claudette and Moritz were done with the tent they all went through the plan and prepared for a night walk. With flashlights and a torch they headed out into the dark forest. Their goal was set on the beginning of a wall made of sandstone that reached throughout the forest. This natural stone was very well-known in Germany a hundred years ago. But now that there were no longer any land borders, it lost its meaning. They walked through fir and pinewood along the long, stony road until they after forty-five minutes stood by the sandstone wall. They then decided to rest for a while, so they would have the energy to walk back down the same exhausting path.

What are your plans for the future? Heidi asked to break the silence.

What do you mean plans? Max asked.

What would be the point of trying to reach a decided goal, when everything is determined by indifference? replied Max and Moritz looking sad.

Maybe we’ll find a goal worth something, somehow, answered Claudette.

Precisely, we can’t lose the courage to try new things or the hope of things getting better, said Thomas, cheering up the rest of the group.

Meanwhile it started getting rather chilly and the friends decided to head back to the tent. Quiet and frozen Max, Claudette, Moritz, Thomas and Heidi walked back.

Ouch! Claudette suddenly screamed. The other four got terrified and stared at Claudette who was now laying on the ground with her eyes wide open.

What happened? the others asked as Claudette got up.

I think I tripped over a stone, tried Claudette to explain.

Thomas lit up the stone with his flashlight.

That’s not a stone. That’s an old concrete slab, one of those used as the ground when building the large old buildings. These slabs I know about from old stories, Heidi informed the others.

Let’s come back here early tomorrow when it’s bright out again, Max said in an attempt to convince the others.

First we have to get to our tent. Claudette needs to rest her foot and all of us could use a few hours of sleep, decided Thomas.

Together they helped Claudette walk the rest of the way to the tent. Exhausted as they were, they all fell asleep quickly.

The next morning all five of them woke up rested. They seemed to have forgotten about the events of the night. Only Max and Moritz seemed excited about going back to the concrete slab to try to understand what had been there in the past. Since over fifty years back houses were no longer built on grounds made up of concrete, as a new technic making it easier to build large houses that could resist earthquakes without needing any concrete was invented. With a shovel that they fortunately brought with them Max and Moritz headed away on a discovery. After a couple of minutes they found the place and started digging.

Look, there’s something underneath! yelled Moritz euphorically. Max bent over and out of the small hole he pulled out a vibrantly colored pipe that had “Time Capsule” written clearly over it. They both quickly ran back to their friends.

They all curiously opened the time capsule and stared dumbfounded at the strange content. On the very bottom was a small note. Claudette read it out loudly:

“Hello dear people of the future, you have found a time capsule from the year 2015. It contains memorabilia and letters from a past life. On the following page you can read an explanation to why we’ve dug down this time capsule…”

Completely stunned they all carefully examined all of the articles and letters.

A con... con… control??? Max stuttered

I haven’t heard of those. And what is money? asked Heidi curiously.

Claudette now read the last sentence out loud.

“You will find other time capsules if you head out to look for them together. The next one can be found in Greece, buried beneath a school. All of the students at IGS Rheinzabern wish you good luck with your searching”

What do you think? Do we dare heading out to search?

Of course! the friends replied excitedly.

Two questions were yet to be answered for all of them: Where do we start looking and where exactly was the former country Greece?


Chapter 2 (Greece)

Claudette read: “Music School Arta (06.03.2016)”

The teenagers examined the time capsule. They wanted to open it immediately and see the content. Max was the first one to open it, but he quickly noticed that he needed help as it had been damaged in several places over time. After a while, when everyone had tried. They finally succeeded at opening it. When they saw the content of the time capsule, they discovered a large amount of interesting letters and descriptions of objects, many of them about things they had never heard of. In the time capsule there was a coin from the last century, an old blue booklet and a blue and white flag with a cross on the side. The teenagers carefully examined all of it, until Heidi noticed that there was a letter on the ground, which she picked up and read:

“Today, Monday the 16th of March 2016, the Music School in Arta, has in collaboration with schools from France, Sweden, Germany, Bulgaria and England, filled and buried different time capsules on the yard of their schools. The first time capsule is located in Greece. The purpose of this action is to maintain friendship and cooperation between these fellow European countries. We are glad that you have managed to find this time capsule, and we hope that you will also find the other five ones. In the case Europe would look different than what it does today, please try to make everything right and to prevent the worst. In the time capsule you will find one of the six parts of a map that shows the boarders of the countries of Europe. The next part that fits together with this one, you will find in Bulgaria.”

The teenagers quickly understood that they had been given the opportunity to witness how Europe once looked, and to restore the way it looked a century ago, when all of the countries had their own culture and holidays. Moritz thought of the upcoming adventure and yelled excitedly:

Wait a second, how are we supposed to find the next time capsule when we don’t even know where the former Bulgaria is located?

Moritz is right, said Thomas. We need help, but what can we do?, he continued and looked at the others.

Perhaps we can search after information on the Internet?, suggested Heidi.

But you know that all information and tracks from the last century are gone. We won’t be able to find anything!, said Claudette.

I’ve got a better idea, she continued. I know a couple of teenagers who’ve told us that their grandparents originate from Greece. Maybe they know something and can help us. What do you think? Should I ask them?

Good idea!, said max. Let’s try to find them as soon as possible.

The teenagers quickly packed their things and began the trip home to find their friends with Greek ancestry. Claudette called them and they decided on meeting the same afternoon. When time was closing in the teenagers could barely hold back their excitement.

When they arrived at the café they saw four teenagers who looked at them curiously. Both groups were however a bit shy… Max then took the initiative and walked over and said:

Hello, I’m Max and this is Thomas, Heidi, Moritz and Claudette, whom you know already.

Hello, I’m Aristophanis, and that’s Sokrates, Theodora and Pithagoras, said Aristophanis. I’m glad to get to know you.

Why did you want to see us?, asked Theodora curiously.

We wanted to see you and get to know you, because we have discovered something rather strange!, said Heidi.

That sounds exciting! What?, Sokrates asked impatiently.

When we were outside hiking, we accidentally stumbled across a time capsule, Max explained.

What? What happened?, asked Pithagoras.

-Now listen…, Thomas said.

After they had told the whole story all the teenagers immediately wanted to help and asked to see the time capsule so they perhaps could extract some more information. When they saw the flag, Aristophanis exclaimed:

-I recognize this flag! It´s the flag of Greece. I recognize it, because when I was a kid I saw it in a book that my grandma had.

-Does it have anything to do with the stories they told us when we were kids? Sokrates asked.

-Which stories? said Moritz, who no longer could hide his impatience.

-This letter...The name of the school…Arta the music school...I´m not entirely sure, but I think I can remember that my grandma went to this school and she has told many stories about that time, before the land borders was abolished. She has talked about teenagers from other European countries and that they all met and had a big party. I don´t really know any details, but I think she said that they buried different time capsules and they left messages which described were they had been buried, Sokrates said, half immersed in his thoughts.

-Wow, that’s great! That can really help us! Do you still have the messages? Max asked.

-Maybe I can find them in the basement! Shall we search together?

Everybody went to Sokrates home to search in the basement. They did not find anything though, and disappointed as they were, they were ready to give up. Then Pithagoras saw the outlines of an old, dusty coffin in a corner. He shouted out to the others and together they opened the coffin. They could quickly establish there was more than just the messages inside the coffin, there was also maps and old newspaper articles where they could see the photos from the year the time capsules was buried.

-Everything is here! Theodora said. Now we can find the other time capsules too and find out how the countries borders looked like. Maybe the countries and their cultural characteristics can be revived! Finally we also can find out about our past and get to know why the world is as it is!

-Shall we search for the other time capsules together?  Then we must find out where Bulgaria once were and search there…What do you think? Do you want to…?


Chapter 3 (Bulgaria)

Heidi, Max, Thomas, Claudette and Moritz stayed a few days in the place that once was Greece together with their new friends to try to read the map and find the borders to what once was Bulgaria. Their research were successful and soon they could determine that Bulgaria was quite close to where they were. They went there.           

Our five friends reached Vratsa, a small town in the north-western part of the country, where, according to the map, the next time capsule had been buried. They started to think:

-We found the other two time capsules at old schools, therefore this capsule should be by an old school. The question is which!? Thomas immersed in his thoughts. He started to examine all the old maps and photos which they brought with them from Greece.

-We look through everything from the beginning and look for information about the schools here! Said Heidi. Everyone started their work. Some hours later Moritz found something.

-Listen to this! I´ve found a photo which I think is showing a school here. At the back you can read “The school Hristo Botev-Vratsas oldest school.” Maybe we can find someone who knows where that schools once was located, Moritz said exited and everybody agreed with him.

They asked a few who passed by and got to know where the school was located. But there was a problem. When they asked about the school they had been asked which building they were looking for. They then understood that the school consisted of two different buildings in two different places. The friends decided to search for the first building. They took out the map which described the place for the buried time capsule and started to walk.

-I know we haven’t been walking for long, but do you think we are going to make it? The situation seems really complicated. We don’t know at which school building the capsule is located or if it`s still there, Max said, worried and indecisive. He was obviously tired after the long day.                                                                                                                                                                      -Whatever if it`s gets difficult or not, we won´t give up. The people who buried these capsules many years ago wanted someone to find them. We are that “someone”, either we find it today or tomorrow, Claudette answered. Her words gave the others hope.

-I think we`re here. It looks very creepy and empty though…                                                                                              

-Oh, come on now Moritz. We know you easily get scared but it`s still bright outside, Max joked with him.’

-Shut up! Moritz answered angrily and the others smiled.

-Let`s start with the most important. I think we have to count the steps from here to the door. We´ll start right in front of it.

Everyone agreed with Claudette and walked up to her.

-Ten steps. Ok, so now we must walk five steps to the left and then a step to the right. The map shows we have to dig here.

Thomas counted the steps and everybody started digging. Ten minutes went. Everybody’s faces showed deep disappointment.

-I can`t believe it! What did we do wrong? Heidi asked herself angrily and picked up the map.

-We counted the steps just right, but maybe we´re in the wrong schoolyard, at the wrong building.

-But then we´ve lost all day…! What do we do now? Asked Moritz.

-We should go to sleep, it´ll be dark soon. We´ll try again tomorrow and then we´ll surely find the right place, Max said.

Everybody went on their way to recover their strengths.

After breakfast the next day the friends went out again to continue their search. They knew that the schools main building should be somewhere near. But where could it be?

-Shall we ask someone? We won´t make it alone…, Max asked the others.

-Good idea, let´s do that, Claudette answered.

The teenagers asked people they met and could then establish that the school really were near. After they had found the building they were sure that it was the place they searched for. The school was big, with an old nice architecture.

Everybody lined up in front of the door and started again to count steps. Ten minutes later you could not see any traces of disappointment in their faces, only relief and joy.

-That was just in time! There is the capsule, Thomas said.

-Now let´s see what´s hiding in there.

In the capsule there was a paper, on which you could see the weapon of Bulgaria. In there was a lot of cool things, but the most interesting was a small bottle with the famous Bulgarian rose oil. In the capsule the five friends also found instructions on how to find the next country.

-This adventure is unforgettable! I hope we can have some fun in the next country and that we can reach our goal- to recreate the old countries, Claudette said.

-I agree. Let´s go to Sweden!


Chapter 4  (Sweden)

We landed in what was once a cold and gray Sweden. When we arrived we saw two teenagers who looked our age. Heidi suggested that we should ask them about what they knew about old Sweden at once. Everyone approached them and we got to know that they were called Elin and Viktor. We asked them if they knew anything about old Sweden, or about the little city that once upon a time had been called Enköping. They answered that by saying that they had heard the name, but that they didn’t know much about it. But Elin got an idea and said: “My mother works in the library, where all the old documents are located. You can go there and search for maps.”


So we followed Elin and Viktor to the library. Elin introduced her mother to us and after that her mother showed us where the documents were. Underneath the documents Max found a box with the text “Enköping” on it. We curiously gathered around Max, who had just put the box on top of a table. When Max opened the box and we started to search through all the papers we found a map of Enköping and a drawing of the buildings and the school yard part of St:ilianskolan. On the drawing there was a text in between two of the buildings written in handwriting that was quite faded. On the text it said “time capsule”. All of us understood that this was the time capsule we had been searching for. With the help of a map of Enköping and a drawing over the school’s buildings it wasn’t very hard to find the school.

When we arrived at the school we started searching for signs of the time capsule’s existence.

Under this heart shaped there’s a hatch! Tomas suddenly shouted.

Tomas opened the hatch and as expected the time capsule was inside of it.

Inside the time capsule there were many text about teenagers that had lived hundred years ago. There were also pictures and recipes from that time. On one of the pictures there stood two teenagers. One of them had long blond hair. Their clothes were very different. Their pants were made out of jeans fabric. They were very tight and looked uncomfortable, compared to our clothes. The shirt also looked narrow but wasn’t as tight and the shirt was made out of somewhat thick material. Both of them smiled at the camera and the held each other by their shoulders.

There was also a letter: in the letter it stood:

“Now you have found yet another time capsule. Now travel to the land where London Eye and Big Ben exists. You will now travel to England. Good luck!”


Chapter 5 (United Kingdom)

After a momentary two minute de-materialization from the extravagant city of Stockholm, we materialized in a dank and anguished London in pursual of the time capsule. As opposed to asking young people again, the group vamoosed to the approximal library, the London Metropolitan Archives. After extensive searching, they disclosed that 104 years ago, an association of school adolescents entombed a bundle of time capsules somewhere in their school.

Succeeding in their search, they instantaneously de-materialized to the academy, in scrutiny of the capsules. Upon arrival, they absconded to the library, trusting they weren't going to be seized. When they got there, posing as school attendees, they enquired the librarian about the time capsules. She promptly dispatched them to the abandoned music block, informing them that over 100 years ago, a class of students buried the capsules in hopes of someone in the future unearthing them and learning about the culture of 2016.

When the group arrived, they used their multi-purpose excavation tool, exclusively created for this investigation, to examine the ground around the dilapidated music building. The librarian mentioned that the music block had been home to a family of monstrous, mutated hedgehog, so it was hastily abandoned to avoid injury and had since been damaged beyond repair due to lack of maintenance. Unanticipatedly, one of the group's members exclaimed that they had distinguished what looked like a stack of plastic boxes.

After a short period of excavation, the group had finally unearthed the tediously evasive capsules. Accompanying the capsules was a hedgehog who seemed to be stuck in the dim hole. In one of the capsules was a blue packet with the words ‘Walkers: Cheese and Onion’ and a bottle with a red label containing the words ‘Coca-Cola’ and finally, a coin with a woman's face and strange symbol which seemed to be covered in what looked like tails. Another of the boxes contained a toy car and a picture of the Tower Bridge. A singular one of the peculiar boxes stood out from the others. It was slightly larger than the rest, and was a different design. Inside was a picture of the adolescents that buried the boxes and a note, similar to the one in Sweden. It said:

Travel to the home of the Charles Bridge

And the track of racing cars

A lovely country to abridge

You won't have to travel far

Chapter 6 (France)

Where do we have to go now? Max asked.

I think to the country that used to be named France, Claudette replied.

Look at the document found in another capsule. It says Mériel’s name. I assume a part of the group is from that town. What do you think about it?, Claudette then said.

Yes, I remember that! You’re right Claudette!, said Heidi.

Great, we now know where the next time capsule is! I’m so happy!, Moritz yelled out.

Between the both countries there is only one river you need to cross. Our five friends come to the harbor, but the boat has already left. They use a rowing boat. They row quickly and get closer to the large ship. They decide to break into the ship, they have no other options.

Come on, it’s really calm over here!, whispers Claudette.

Let’s hide!, says Moritz.

Yeah, that’s a good idea!, they all reply, agreeing.

They get inside and see that there are many older people. They feel surprised. The first older lady has fallen asleep. The other man is playing chess with another woman. The elders are talking to each other.

When they see the five friends, they walk over to them. They start talking and hear that the entire group comes from a small town nearby France’s former capital, and that they are here on a trip with old classmates. After a while they get to know each better and have fun together.

Where are we now?, asks Heidi.

Ask the captain!, the old people respond.

In the cabin they see Captain Pedro who says:

We arrive soon! I see Calais…

They moor the boat and say goodbye to the old people.

Heidi, Thomas, Max, Claudette and Moritz are now in Calais. They see the old people going somewhere. They feel slightly sad. To get more information they walk to a pub in the nearby area. Claudette asks the bartender:

Excuse me, but do you know the town Mériel?

Mér… Mériel? No, I haven’t heard of that, the bartender replies.

It’s fine, goodbye, Claudette says in response.

Wait, I know where Mériel is. I can take you there!, an older man who had been listening to them suddenly says.

That’s great! Let’s go!, the five friends say out loudly.

They get into the old man’s car to go to Mériel. Moritz asks:

What is your name?

My name is Jean-Eudes, I’m a fisherman in Calais, he replies.

How old are you?, Heidi wants to know.

I’m 60 years old. Why do you want to go to Mériel?, the fisherman asks them.

We want to find the time capsule!, says Max.

Time capsule? What time capsule?, Jean-Eudes asks them, wondering.

Time capsules are capsules buried by people a long time ago, so that they can be found in our time, Claudette explains.

Hmm… That reminds me of something…, says Jean-Eudes.

Really?, Moritz yells out.

Yes, of a story that my grandparents once told me, Jean-Eudes replies.

Can you tell us that story?, the five friends all ask him.

I’m sorry, but I don’t remember it anymore…, Jean-Eudes says.

But wait! Look! This is the town Mériel! Jean-Eudes then says.

They arrive at the town Mériel. They suddenly see the old people they met a couple of hours ago at the ship. They are participating in a pilgrimage to the last high school of France, where German was taught at “Abteil Euro”. They meet the old people. They then walk into the high school with Jean-Eudes. When they get there Moritz asks:

Why are all of you here?

Because we are the last people to have learnt German at “Abteil Euro”, an old man responds.

Claudette then asks:

That’s awesome! What are your names?

The old people’s names are Axel, Lilian, Clémence, Igor, Océance, Lison, Coralie, Léna, Yasmine, Anaïs, Ruben, Alexis, Nathanaël and Ngatamund Shannon (both of them being grandparents of Jean-Eudes!)

Max asks:

Where is the time capsule? We know it’s buried here…

They all think for a while and then Alex suddenly says:

Je sais!!!

What??, they all ask.

I know! The time capsule is buried in front of the high school! Alex then says.

Heidi, Thomas, Max, Claudette and Moritz walk to the front of the high school and find the time capsule with help of an old wooden sign, where there is still a few letters and flags from different countries.

Inside of the time capsules (there was apparently two of them there) they find a periodical, several letters and photos, papers, a ball-pen, a round object of iron and potato seeds.

We have travelled a lot: to Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Sweden and England. In each country we have found a time capsule, France is the last of the countries, Claudette says.

Okay! Yes, we did participate in the project, the old people say.

Perfect! Was the project good?, Moritz asks.

Yes, yes, yes! It was truly great!

It’s cool, Claudette says.

Yes! Can I have the puzzle pieces now?, Thomas asks.

Of course!, Moritz replies, who has had them until now.

Now they’re all happy. After the long journey they’re all hungry.

To celebrate it, come over to my place and have a bit of food!, the French pilgrim Ruben suggests.

Because I live nearby, he adds.

All of them are happy with the suggestion. They walk home to Ruben to eat baguette, cheese, crêpe and drink red wine.

The food tastes good!, Max says out loudly.

Thanks!, Ruben says in response.

But, where is Thomas??, asks Heidi.

They start to look for Thomas, but can’t find him.

I think he went to the toilet, Max then says.

They all walk to the toilets and stand in front of the door. Claudette yells:

Thomas? Are you here?

No one replies…

Thomas?! Thomas???!!

Still no reply.

Ruben then kicks the door in. The window is open. He has probably walked out through this window. They look for Thomas outdoors. Then they suddenly hear something. They start walking towards the sound.

It’s a helicopter!, says Max.

Well, it has got to be the government, only they own a helicopter like that!, Heidi yells out.

Oh no!, they all realize the danger of the situation.

The helicopter lands on the ground.

He’s here! Claudette yells, who just saw Thomas.

The four friends start to run towards Thomas. Two people walk out of the helicopter: a woman and a man.

Come over here!, the man says.

Thomas walks into the helicopter.

Thomas has all pieces of the puzzle!, Claudette yells out.

They run towards Thomas, but are interrupted when the man pulls out a gun from his pocket and shoots Claudette, who falls to the ground. Jean-Eudes helps her immediately.

Lilian, get the first-aid kit! Quickly!, he screams.

I’ll come with you, I know where it is!, Ruben says.

Okay, but hurry!, Lilian says in response.

Meanwhile the helicopter flies away. Thomas is no longer by their side…

I’m really disappointed, Moritz says

Yes, but we have to fight the government now!, Shannon, Anaïr and Nathanaël say.

They all agree. Ruben and Lilian get back. Ruben helps Jean-Eudes, but Claudette has already died… They’re all devastated…

Oh, I found a letter in the first-aid kit. Thomas wrote it!, Lilian yells out.

Read it out loudly!, Heidi begs.

Okay: I’m sorry my friends…


Chapter 7 (Bulgaria)                              

”But, keep on reading” Moritz told Lilian who was holding her breath.

“I’m sorry dear friends for not being able to tell you anything. The government found out about the time capsules and our interest for them. The people in the countries that we have visited have started an uprising against the government and want the world to be restored to how it looked like when the time capsules were written, that the countries that existed then will reappear. You know that my parents work for the government. I can’t stand up against them because they have explained to me that I should only support them and that I’m supposed to give them the pieces of the puzzle. When you read this the letter will be far away from you, but I want you to know that I’m with you and that I support you. My parents brought me to Bulgaria. Right now it’s a big riot there. Go there, talk to the people and encourage them! It doesn’t matter what happens, we’re the cause to that this revolution has started and it’s up to us to lead the people further. I’m waiting for you in the schoolyard where we found the time capsule.”


“What are we going to do?” asked Moritz

“Why are you even asking? We will obviously go to Bulgaria. The people there need us.”

“We will come with you” said Jean and Lilian. “We want to contribute as well.”

“Great! Let’s go!”

All of the friends headed towards the land with the rose oil and the fancy nature to the small city in the mountains

All of the friends went to the country with the rose oil and the fancy nature to the small city that kept memories of bygone times, but with hope of a new beginning.

Only a few hours later they were in Vratsa. They found the Hristo-Botev school quickly, there was a surprise was waiting for them. Hundreds of people had gathered in the school yard. They were singing and shouting. They were unhappy with the government and wanted changes. On the stairs in front of them stood Thomas.

“We are the future. We have to show the government that they can’t keep the culture and traditions away from us. We are united, but we are also unique. That is the right thing!”

You could see that everybody was very excited. Heidi dried the tears in her eyes. All of the friends walked up to Thomas and hugged him.

“I’m so sorry, my friends…” Thomas started.

“Listen now! We’re on your side.” Max calmed him down.

All of the people were cheering.

“And where are all of the pieces of the puzzle?” asked Jean.

“They’re still at my parents’ house. They don’t know I’m here.”

In that moment they heard the sound of a helicopter landing on the school yard, so that the crowd had to back up.

“Thomas, what are you doing here? Get in here immediately!”


“Thomas, I think it is time for you to make a decision now…”


Chapter 8 Germany (Nardini-Schule)

In the helicopter the silence was echoing. For Thomas it was obvious that he was to expect some major consequences, which he ended up getting as well. His parents mistrusted him and locked him in his room that became like a prison, and mr Früh, an old employee was hired to watch him. How would he now be able to fight for his ideals, meet his friends or get to the puzzle pieces?

In the meanwhile the friends had found a place to sleep at a hotel. Outside you could still hear the people yelling and demonstrating against the central regime.

Poor Thomas, said Heidi sadly and the tears began running down her cheeks again.

Yea, I really wouldn’t want to be him right now, Moritz replied.

Therefore we now have to fight even more, said Max.

And as you see out there we aren’t alone, Max then added.

You mean we can still count on Thomas?, asked Jean.

Thomas would never leave us alone, that I am convinced of!, Heidi yelled out, and they all agreed.

After a while Thomas befriended mr Früh, which worked since the two had known each other since Thomas was but a small child. It turned out the old man didn’t like the development that had been happening outside the central regime either, but he had never said anything in fear of losing his job. Therefore Thomas could convince him to help him and the friends out.

I’m very old and I have nothing left to lose, he said, sounding sad.

But you, you are the future! You have to change things back, to make everything good again!, he said as his eyes lit up.

A few days later mr Früh was able to get his hands on the puzzle pieces, and handed them over to Thomas.

One is missing!, Thomas yelled out.

No, those were all there were, the old one assured him.

That’s when Thomas figured it out – the friends must’ve once again visited the country that was once Germany! He had been there himself and most of the friends came from the same environment as him. He had to hurry up to meet with them. But where would they look for the last piece of the puzzle?

Thomas carefully examined the map of Germany. Nearby the village where they had dug up the first time capsule there was a mark. The former students had obviously known each other and marked both schools.

Meanwhile upset people were demonstrating against the ventral regime, all over Europe. The friends had turned back home and also in the nearby town were there demonstrators.

That’s where we have to go!, Max shouted with bravery in his voice.

We finally have – or better, had, the puzzle pieces of the map from the time there was still real countries!, he added.

Yes, but the puzzle pieces are at Thomas’ now, and he’s locked up, Moritz replied.

That’s irrelevant, Thomas won’t let himself get beaten down so easily, so now we set off!, Heidi shouted out and they left.

On their way to the center of the town Germersheims, they didn’t meet a single person. Nobody seemed able to trust anyone, or maybe all of them were already at the large town square.

Then they suddenly noticed a teenager. He was staring variously on a piece of paper and on the ground. And then he suddenly seemed familiar…!

It… it can’t be…, Jean stuttered, and they all happily ran towards Thomas, and hugged him.

Thomas explained to them that he had left his dad’s house, found someone who could help him, and that he had brought all of the puzzle pieces. Now they just had to find the last one.

There’s a mark on the map, it has got to be right here, Thomas explained.

But it’s just an empty spot, would a school have been here?, asked Moritz.

I know, but think about the other places, there were no schools there either, Max replied, and they began digging.

In one spot the ground was quite soft and they found the rests of a sandbox. And next to it was the time capsule.

Quickly, open it!, Max yelled out, and in the capsule they found photos, coins, a couple of unidentifiable objects, a small letter and the last piece of the puzzle.

The letter said: “Here was once a school for very special children. The year is 2016 and we have buried a few things that we very important to us. Keep them when you find them, because they will be very valuable! Many greetings from Brian, Nicolas, Shawn, Rico, Selina and Francesca.”

In confusion, Heidi asked:

Special children? Aren’t all of us special in some way? We are all in the same boat, the same school even!, they all laughed.

But now we will head off to the square!, Thomas yelled out.

We have all the puzzle pieces now and one thing or another to tell this people!, he then added.

Heidi looked at Thomas with admiration in her eyes. She was reminded of when he was standing on the stairs and spoke to the people. The square was filled with people. They were yelling and singing:

We are the future, we are the same, yet different!!

The friends marched over to the middle of the crowd where there was, similar to a stage of large rocks. In the corner pf the eye, the saw a girl in their age. Her purple hood immediately looked familiar. It was Claudette!


Chapter 9 (Sweden)

The friends quickly ran over to the girl who looked like Claudette. Heidi got there first, and let out an exited squeal when she noticed that it actually was her.

“How is this possible, Claudette? We all saw you die when my dad shot you in France”, Thomas said, with a confused look on his face.

“I understand that this must feel confusing for all of you, but I will tell you everything”, Claudette responded.

Turns out, the bullets that Thomas’ dad had used only killed temporarily, so Claudette had woken up a few days ago, and decided to find her friends again so that they, together, could find out how Europe had looked.

“Now that we're all together and have the puzzle pieces, we have to share this with everyone on the square”, Thomas said, everyone else agreeing with him.

The five friends climb up on raised rocks on the square and start calling out for people's attention.

“We have a map of how the country borders looked in 2016, before the government took over then-Europe and abolished those” Max called out. He proceeds to tell the listeners about their journey, and together they all should overthrow the government to be able to live like the people did 100 years ago, which seemed to be a much better life than the one they had today.

After Max finished telling the crowd everything, an old man suddenly calls out:

“We finally have proof, so that we can go to the government and demand a change. My grandpa told me how they used to live, and that back in day the human rights were much different from what we have now, but we should have them!”

The old man proposes suggests that they should walk into the Government headquarters right now, and most of the now huge crowd of people agree. Together they all storm into the headquarters, where they're met by a few tens of people, including Thomas’ parents. 

Chapter 10 - the End of our story:

Version 1:

The best friends and the crowd of people stormed into the Government. They were standing at the desk at headquarters,Thomas spotted his parents standing near the group of security guards. The crowd of people realised they wouldn't be able to get the most important people in one crowd so they splitted up into two groups. Heidi was leading one group and Max the other. The groups sprinted past two guards screaming, a few were grabbed by the guards and held back including the old man (Jean-Eudes). A tall man in a suit entered the main scene.

  -Stop! He screamed at the top of his voice but in a calm manner. 

He grabbed Jean-Eudes by the wrist and pulled him towards the guards. The children looked back dreading what might happen. Moritz tried to go back however Claudette kept dragging him forward. Bang. Everyone turned around, shocked to see the old man bleeding with a bad wound on the ground. Moritz and Heidi immediately bursted into tears. Heidi and Max (still leading the groups) understood that they didn't have time to stop because the guards would easily catch up. Panic. Everyone in the room understood how much danger they were in. Thomas felt someone touch each of his hands and realised both of his parents were running along side him whilst carrying a huge capsule each. He breathed a deep sigh of relief realising that they had finaly realised the difference between good and evil. 

Max reached the President's office first. 

  -There's some kind of passcode to get in ! He sighed and leant against the wall.         

 -Wait ! I have a keycard ! Thomas' father was overwhelmed that he could help and regain the trust of his son. 

Ruben appeared from the crowed and volunteered to explain everything to the president. He hesitated and then swipped they keycard. Accepted. He burst through the door and saw a younger man sitting calmly at his desk.

  -Can I help you ? He asked in a deep voice.  -Hi there, sorry to interupt you but we are looking for the president Clqudetted shouted from the back of the crowd.  -Well you have found him.

The whole crowed were surprised but curious. The young man went on to explain how the guards and people Thomas' parents were working for hadn't been Government at all but the people who tricked everyone into turning the world into Europia.

Version 2:

There was a long silence in the room then Thomas screamed:

''I don't want to choose between my family and my friends!''

Then he ran really fast into the room where his parents were and he saw a few items on the bed. He started moving them and saw the missing time capsule. He then rqn back to his friends to ask for the other time capsules.

''Who has the capsules ?'' he screamed.

''Me, why ?'' answered Claudette.

''You must give them to me ! ''

''No !'' Claudette shrieked panicked by tom's tone .

After this Thomas grabbed them from Claudette's hands and he reunited all of the capsules. Suddenly, the Earth began to shake. Everybody panicked. The whole Earth dived into darkness and one by one everybody went to sleep.

A few hours later, maybe even days,Thomas woke up and looked around him. 

It was so quiet thye only thing ou could hear were the birds singing. Then he saw Claudette arrive. Without a word she sat next to him. Afterwards, one by one, all of the others arrived. All went quiet then Heidi began to speak:''Now the world is perfect, there are no more borders and we have all regained our identities and cultures. Thanks to you Thomas , thanks to you.''

Version 3:

Thomas's mother looks Thomas in the eyes,A look of betreil form on her face.

« Thomas ! What are you doing ther !? Comme here ! » 

Thomas's father said « No !! I will fight for what I want »

Thomas responded. He turned around and slammed the door behind him. Then a briliant idea came in Thomas's mind

« Let's travel around Europia and bring more people to our side » Thomas said to his friends. Everyone agreed with him and with that his adventure started. 

After some months of traveling, Thomas and his friends reached to their last stop where a big surprise was waiting for them. His mother and lot of people were standing in front of him and his friends. 

Everyone was in shock when they san Thomas's mother. « Thomas, I thought what you said and I came here to help you »  Thomas 's mother said. 

They make a plan about going back and make Thomas's father come to their side. They went back and Thomas's father agreed with them because he didn't want to lose them.

And when they all agreed that Europe should be like before, the first signs of traditions started to grow.

Version 4:

Thomas was standing on the side way while the government showed resistance but people were so determined so that they were able to start a well organized rebellion, and begin a war against the government. With this war they wanted to achieve their goal so bad, for a better world, life, and future! This gave them power and in the end they won the war. Peace, traditions and cities were recreated, but they had to pay a very high price which was the loss of many lives including Claudette, Heidi, Max and Moritz. Thomas himself was injured. Everyone was happy and cheering, but Thomas was not, he was really sad about the loss of his friends so bad that he didn't care about the achievement anymore. All of a sudden, the alarm rings and Thomas wakes up. Everything was an awful dream. He rushes to his four friends and tells then about his nightmare…

When he was done he sighed and said softly:

"We have to achieve our goal in recreating the countries but not with war and violence ."

"The solution is in our hands", shouted Max. "It's the puzzle !"

"Right. Now that we have all the pieces combined we can do it !" replied Moritz.

"Come on, let's rush to the government headquarters, I think they will understand if we show them the proof we've got," added Claudette.

Everyone ran straight to the headquarters and the plan got in action…

The friends were so stressed when the government declared the decision.

They have MADE IT !

It took just a couple of years for the declaration of the new countries and cities, and only days after celebrations filled all the world and peace was restored !

All of that because of the efforts of the 5 friends that achieved their goal to change the world and make Europe a better place.